Evans City, PA

Callery is a global developer and producer of specialty inorganic chemicals, specifically organometallic and reagent technologies. The Company is an industry leader in its primary products, which include specialty alcoholates, boranes, and alkali metals. These products serve as reagents used for the synthesis of high-value molecules in the pharmaceutical, agricultural, electronics, polymers, adhesives, and other industrial end markets. Callery’s world-class combination of innovation, production flexibility, customer service, and supply chain security provides its customers a distinct advantage.

Pasadena, TX

Strategically located near the Port of Houston on the upper Texas Gulf Coast, ChemQuest Chemicals has a long and successful history of providing chemical blending and toll manufacturing services for chemical manufacturers. ChemQuest has expertise in blending and manufacturing aqua ammonia and ammonia-based compounds along with industrial cleaning compounds, water treatment chemicals, liquid phosphates, and chemicals for the petrochemical, agricultural, pulp and paper, metal finishing, and other specialty chemical industries. ChemQuest is known for the high quality of its products, outstanding customer service, and a commitment to continuous improvement.

Danville, VA

DanChem provides process scale-up and contract manufacturing to customers in the specialty chemical industry. The Company enjoys a unique, broad range of production capabilities, including a flexible piloting facility and a large collection of horizontal reactors. DanChem supports a diverse base of customers and end-markets, including coatings, adhesives, sealants and elastomers (CASE); agrochemicals; engineered and performance polymers; water treatment chemicals; specialty lubricants; personal care products; and, pharmaceutical intermediates.

Far Chemical
Palm Bay, FL

FAR Chemical is a leading manufacturer of fine and specialty chemicals sold to a variety of industries. FAR’s products include pharmaceutical reagents and intermediates, advanced polymers catalysts, and precursors for structural composites. A diverse and versatile set of production assets enables the company to partner with many of its customers for the custom scale-up of a client’s process or the development of a process for the desired compound/application.

Fiber Materials, Inc.
Biddeford, ME

Fiber Materials (“FMI”) is a materials solutions company that develops and manufactures high temperature materials and composites for use in defense, aerospace, and industrial applications. With two locations, FMI produces carbon/carbon composites, carbon ceramic and advanced polymer matrix composites. As a recognized leader in high temperature composite materials, FMI produces components and products that serve a range of applications that include thermal protection systems for rocket motors, missile nose tips, heat shields, and industrial insulation and friction hardware.

Gabriel Performance Materials
Ashtabula, OH

Gabriel develops and manufactures a proprietary line of specialty chemical products and custom manufactured chemicals. The company sells its products globally into agricultural, veterinary, coatings, adhesives, high performance resins, lubricants, and pharmaceutical markets. Gabriel is the largest supplier of mercaptan catalysts for a two-part epoxy adhesives system.

Covington, KY

H&S is a manufacturer of iodine-based specialty chemicals. The company has a broad product offering with over 100 different formulations, including fungicides, corrosion inhibitors, sanitizers, antiseptics, pharmaceutical ingredients, lampricides, among many others.

Burlington, VT

Haematologic Technologies (HTI) is the leading provider of coagulation reagents for research and diagnostic applications, as well as analytical services to support the research, development and commercialization of large molecule biotherapeutics. The Company’s services include highly advanced assay development and GMP testing in the areas of immunoassays, thrombin generation assays, assessment of hemostatic risk, anti-drug antibody testing (immunogenicity), host cell protein mitigation, and stability and release testing of biologic therapeutics in FDA-inspected GMP facilities.

Iten Defense
Ashtabula, OH

Iten Defense is a leading provider of advanced composites and armor solutions used in personal protective equipment, fixed and rotary-wing aircraft, tactical vehicles, and maritime vessels. Iten’s extensive technical expertise and specialized knowledge in ballistic armor enables its customers to meet strict performance requirements for mission critical applications.

El Dorado, AR

Lycus is a manufacturer of proprietary benzophenones and diphenylacrylates. The primary products are high performance ultra-violet light stabilizers serving niche applications in the plastics, coatings, and cosmetics industries.

San Jose, CA

Naprotek is an electronic manufacturing services company and a leading provider of quick turn PCBA, design for manufacturability, system integration, and testing services for high-reliability applications.

Particle Dynamics
St. Louis, MO; Seymour, IN

Particle Dynamics is a particle processing company that offers a unique collection of products and services (spray drying, granulation, microencapsulation, iron deficiency technologies, and dose manufacturing services) to pharmaceutical, consumer health, OTC, and nutraceutical products companies.

Latexo, TX

PChem is a manufacturer of corrosion inhibitors, scale inhibitors, chemical scavengers and various other specialty chemicals, used in a broad range of oil and gas applications. The company’s products are primarily sold wholesale to customers providing treatment services to the petroleum, petrochemical, and natural gas production and refining industry.

PolyAd Services
St. Louis, MO

PolyAd Services develops and provides customized additive solutions for the global plastics industry that enhance end-product performance characteristics and improve manufacturing efficiencies. These additive packages are utilized in a wide variety of end-markets, including automotive, building and construction, recycling, packaging, wire and cable, and electronics.

Preferred Rubber
Barberton, OH

Preferred Rubber develops and produces high-quality black and colored organic rubber compounds. The company’s products are purchased by rubber fabricators who process the compounds into rubber parts for the aerospace, automotive, appliance, construction, electrical and pharmaceutical industries.

Pure Wafer
San Jose, CA; Prescott, AZ

Pure Wafer is the largest US-based provider of virgin silicon wafers, wafer reclaim services, and related value-added services, such as high purity parts cleaning, specialty thin film deposition products, and wafer inventory information systems. Pure Wafer is proud to be a trusted partner of many global blue-chip semiconductor equipment, foundry, and integrated device manufacturers.

Royal Adhesives
South Bend, IN

Royal formulates, manufactures and packages commercial and industrial adhesives and sealants. The company’s products are used in the commercial roofing and industrial markets.

Syrgis Performance Initiators
Helena, AK; Sweden (Initiators)

Syrgis Performance Initiators is a manufacturer of ketone and benzoyl organic peroxide catalysts used primarily in the manufacturing of fiber-reinforced composite (fiberglass) and unreinforced composite products. Syrgis Performance Initiators’ ketone and diacyl peroxides are used in a wide array of applications in both industrial and consumer products throughout the construction, marine, corrosion control, transportation, consumer, and electrical industries.

Madison Heights, MI; Sligo, Ireland

TracTech designs, engineers, manufactures and markets traction-adding differentials and centrifugal clutches. The company’s products are sold for original equipment and aftermarket applications to specialized customers in the medium-duty truck, construction equipment, off-road, and military vehicle markets.

TRITEC Performance Solutions
Fenton, MI; Giddings, TX; Eastleigh, UK

TRITEC is a leading designer and manufacturer of high performance sealing solutions, PTFE billets of standard and proprietary resin blends, and custom-engineered parts comprised of both metal and polymer substrates. TRITEC’s products are utilized to solve problems in a variety of end-markets, including mining, industrial, agricultural, oil and gas, and chemical industries.

Moorpark, CA

Turbonetics designs, engineers, manufactures and develops branded, specialty performance turbochargers and kits, regulatory controls and heat exchangers. The company’s turbochargers are based on a proprietary technology utilizing patented ceramic ball bearings. Turbonetics products are primarily sold into military, industrial, and automotive markets.