Syrgis®, an international diversified group of fine and specialty chemical manufacturers, today announced that A1 Fiberglass is the recipient of the first “Syrging Ahead™”Award. The award was presented (in abstentia) to Dan Gernstein, president/owner of A-1 Fiberglass, in a ceremony at the American Composites Manufacturers Association’s (ACMA) Composites 2011 show in Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. yesterday.

“Each of the Syrgis companies differentiates itself by providing superior value to our customers, often in ways which improve the chemical industry in general,” said Andy Harris, Syrgis CEO. “To better highlight this value and document the positive impact chemistry makes in our lives, we have implemented the Syrging Ahead Award. This award will recognize customers that are capitalizing on chemistry and our offerings to make significant strides in the areas of safety, environmental, quality, process advancement or novel applications. We are very happy to present the inaugural Syrging Ahead Award to A-1 Fiberglass.”

A-1 Fiberglass, working in conjunction with the Syrgis technical team, has reduced the level of variation that is typical in an ambient cure fiberglass manufacturing facility located in the midwestern United States. A-1 has implemented process advancements, which resulted in improved quality and expanded manufacturing flexibility while reducing overall cost.

“We especially value the recommendations of the initiator selections given to us by Syrgis and take that knowledge directly to the manufacturing floor level to empower our workforce,” said Eric Kadow, vice president of operations at A-1. “Our operators and supervisors understand this concept and embrace it, allowing them to do their job the best that they can.”


Headquartered in Hastings, Neb., A-1 Fiberglass offers a diverse range of molding and application processes including Spray-Up and Hand Lay-Up Open Molding, Cold-Press Molding, RTM, Vacuum Bagging, and Lite RTM. A-1 also offers CNC Precision Trimming and CNC Pattern Work. An ISO 9001:2008-certified company, A-1 Fiberglass uses the latest industry technologies throughout the production process ensuring precision and quality throughout the entire process, making A-1 “First in Fiberglass”. To learn more, please visit