Turbonetics new Duramax turbocharger pedestal won one of SEMA’s International New Product Awards this past week in Las Vegas at the SEMA show. The pedestals technically challenging casting was recognized as being a superior engineering design and manufactured product.

Congratulations to the Turbonetics engineering staff for delivering such a wonderful product.

Turbonetics Duramax Turbocharger Pedestal

Part Number: 11326

Assembly Includes (turbocharger & wastegate sold separately):

  1. Turbocharger pedestal
  2. Wastegate block-off flange
  3. Wastegate gasket
    2) block-off flange

Turbonetics Duramax Cast Turbo Pedestal Features:

  • Investment Cast Stainless Steel for superior strength and durability. Don’t settle for weak mild steel that can weaken or move over time.
  • Incorporates an external wastgate mounting flange ideal for high horsepower, nitrous and compound turbo applications
  • Unlike other hand fabricated models, this precision machined part mounts up correctly right out of the box. Everything lines up correctly the first time.
  • No riser plate needed. If you want to run big power numbers that means you need a big turbo. Our pedestal allows you to run big compressor housings and still clear all of the engine components. You won’t find that luxury on others parts.
  • Capable of fitting a wide range of turbocharger sizes to custom match the right power and performance you are looking for computer aided design maximizes exhaust gas flow and velocity to spool-up units quickly and hold boost pressure throughout the rpm range